Single Wall Cup Or Double Wall Paper Cup Or Rippled Paper Cup As of now, there are three types of Paper Cups available in the market - Single Wall Paper Cup, Double Wall Cup & Rippled Paper Cup. All of the paper cups have the LDPE lining inside which makes the cup leak proof. Many paper mills have recently introduced a new type of Paper boards with the PLA leak-proof coating inside, but the paper cups with the biodegradable lining aren't readily available in the market so we won't talk about it in the article. Though it's an interesting topic for another article.

April 24, 2019

Which is the Best Disposable Paper Cup?

Updated On: Oct. 24, 2019

Single Wall Paper Cup - These paper cups are manufactured from 180 - 210 GSM Virgin paper board. The single wall cup is suitable for the hot and cold beverages to be consumed within 10 minutes since they tend to get more flimsy over time.

This doesn't mean these paper cups are inferior as they are intended to be used for a shorter period. The single-wall paper cups are very common and can be easily spotted with the small tea shops, office canteens, coffee shops.

Double Wall Paper Cup - The double wall paper cup has two layers of paperboard( 210 GSM ) with the plastic lining inside. The double wall paper cup is relatively expensive than the single wall paper cup. The paper cup is well insulated and can hold the hot & cold beverage for 20-30 minutes.

The double wall paper cup is easy to hold as compared to the single wall paper cup since it doesn't get soggy over time. The double wall cup with the lid provides better insulation as the heat doesn't dissipate easily to the outer layer of the cup.

Rippled Paper Cup - The rippled wall paper cup has the S Flute Cardboard sheet pasted over the Virgin paper board. The rippled cup is well suited for the hot beverage such as Tea, Coffee, Soup as the outer S Flute Paper layer provides better insulation resulting in the lower heat dissipation. The Rippled Cup is more comfortable to hold. The edges of the S Flute Paper provides a better grip, and the lower heat dissipation makes it the perfect tea, coffee cup.

Here's the performance video comparing all the above-mentioned paper cups. Click Here

As you can see in the video, the double wall paper cup outperforms the two other paper cups. This is because of the two layers of 210 GSM virgin paper board infused together providing very less heat dissipation.

Place S Flute Image here.

Place S Flute Image here.

The Rippled Paper Cup has the S Flute cardboard sheet pasted over the 210 GSM virgin paper board. As shown in the image there are some gaps between the S Flute sheet and the paper board resulting in the little more heat dissipation than the double wall paper cup.