Many Food Businesses spends a crazy amount of money on branding over the packaging materials. It's important to know which packaging products provide the best Return on Investment so that you can choose wisely which packaging product need more attention and investment.

April 29, 2019

Which Branded Packaging Products Gives the Best ROI?

Updated On: Aug. 8, 2019

Any branded packaging material which can be reused again and again will provide the best ROI. Generally, people tend to go for the cheaper branding options such as paper bags, paper containers but the branding over these disposables is short lived. On the other hand, the reusable branded packaging materials are slightly expensive but stays with the customer longer and spread your brand name when seen by your customer family and friends.

Glass Bottle & Jars

Glass Bottle & Jars

Using glass bottles & jars as the disposable for your smoothies and desserts is the expensive option. Though the branded glass containers are in general costly but looks creative and give the premium vibe to the customer. The glass container stays with the customer for the longer period, and he/she can reuse the bottles.

Cloth Bags

The cloth bags are made from the cheapest available cotton or polyester. The groceries stores generally use branded cloth bags for the price of approx INR 11. The branded cloth bags are reused by the customer again and again as they can keep the folded bag in their laptop bags or purse. So every time the customer reuse the bag your brand name is visible to everyone.

Innovative Pizza Box

Innovative Pizza Box

We have created a new kind of creative pizza box with small modifications to the original pizza box design. The top board of the pizza box can be broken down into four trays, and the bottom box can be folded into a triangular box to keep the leftover pizza. The customer can have half pizza box at the store and take the remaining pizza box along in the triangular box with your branding over the box.