With the growth of E-Commerce, its easier for everyone to buy almost anything from anywhere in the world. And all the physical products move around the world in the Corrugated Shipping Boxes. I am going to help you choose the right Corrugated box for your product.

July 18, 2019

Understanding Corrugated Boxes

Updated On: Aug. 17, 2019

The good old Corrugated box is what keeps the product safe. Whether its the Laptop or the body lotion everything is shipped in the Corrugated boxes.

What are the Corrugated Boxes?

The corrugated box is made by sandwiching the wave-patterned sheet between two layers of Paper. The Wave like sheet stuffed between the Paper is known as the Flute.
The Flute is what keeps the product inside the Carton box Safe from any mishandling. The Flute absorbs most of the shock pressure caused due to rough handling of the box.


What are the types of fluting?

A-Flute: A-Flute has about 30-36 flutes per 30cm, which is the biggest among all other types of flutes available.

B-Flute: B flute provides the second-highest arch size at about 44-50 flutes per 30cm. It has good stacking strength and crushing resistance.

C-Flute: The C flute is an all-purpose flute that has about 36-42 flutes per 30cm. The C-Flute has the larger Flute as compared to the B-Flute but has the same weight as the B-Flute.

E-Flute: E flutes are an environmentally friendly substitute for green packaging which has about 86-94 flutes per 30cm. Its used making boxes for retail packaging, printed corrugated box packaging.

F-Flute: F-Flute has 124-132 flutes per 30cm and is the cheapest among all. The F-Flute box has low cushioning and shouldn't be used to pack delicate items but will work to make E-Commerce boxes and food delivery boxes.

Why is Paper Quality important?

The quality of the Paper used to manufacture the Carton boxes depends on the GSM & the Burst Factor measurement of the Paper.
Initially, the Paper is selected for the box, which is then used to make the Corrugated sheet. The Corrugated sheet is further used to manufacture Carton boxes.

Its obvious the Paper with the higher GSM & BF will have the better strength than the Paper with the lower values. So you can decide based on the product to be packed inside the box. If the product to be packed is delicate and fragile, then you can go with the higher GSM & BF. The Paper with low GSM & BF can be used to manufacture Food delivery boxes.

Why do Carton Boxes have different Flute combination?

Depending on the requirement, different or the same Flute can be combined to provide better strength or cushioning or both. If you know the Shipping box will be used to pack and ship glass product, then the combination of BC Flute is used to make the boxes.
The manufacturer can make any combination of Flute depending on the requirement and Paper raw material available.

What is the Golden Brown Paper?

As the name suggests, the golden brown Paper has the golden texture to it and looks better than the regular brown Paper. The Paper is slightly expensive but gives the premium feel to the customer. The printing over the golden brown Paper looks good too.
Using the golden brown Paper doesn't necessarily mean the Paper has better strength than the natural brown Paper.

What are the factors which help in determining the Paper quality to be used for manufacturing?

The factors such as the weight of the product to be packed inside the box, the number of boxes to be stacked over each other, how the boxes will be delivered to the customer are used to determine the quality of the Paper.

If the Corrugated Shipping box is used to pack and deliver fragile items, then the Paper quality should be higher.
If the budget is low then instead of going with the Paper of higher GSM and BF, the medium quality paper can be used in combination of Flutes. For example - It might be possible the Corrugated box with lower quality paper might be better in combination with B & E Flute while the box with the higher grade Paper.

Usually, the manufacturer decides the box attribute based on the requirement in hand as he/she seems fit.

Now you have the appropriate knowledge to decide the right Packaging box for your product. You can compare quotations from different vendors and suppliers based on the quality measurements such as GSM, BF, and Flute.