Ordering large quantities of branded packaging might not be suitable for new businesses. We will have to look for the middle ground where branding quantity and investment aren't so high

Oct. 1, 2020

Tips & Tricks for Budget-Friendly Branding over Packaging

Updated On: Oct. 11, 2020

With the growth in the online orders, it's your product and the packaging on which your sale depends. If you're selling the same food, your competitors are selling then it's your packaging which distinguishes you from your competitors. The branding generally requires the higher-order quantity, which in turn increases the initial investment to maintain large inventory and storage space.

Ordering large quantities of branded packaging might not be suitable for new businesses. We will have to look for the middle ground where branding quantity and investment aren't so high. In this article, we will discuss a few points which might help us to reduce the branding cost by some percentage.

Let's first discuss some of the issues associated with branding first.

  1. Higher investment reduces the available budget in hand, which could be used for something else. Since most of the start-ups are on budget-constraint, it's important to invest carefully.
  2. Higher-order quantity needs more storage. You decided to print 50,000 pieces of paper cups instead of buying 1000 pieces of the pain paper cup. Now, where do you keep 50 big corrugated boxes full of the branded paper cups?
  3. What if one of your menu item like the burger isn't ordered much and you have 10,000 pieces of the branded burger box. You can't use the box to pack something else except burgers which aren't selling.

It's essential as the business owner to tackle the issues mentioned above if going for the branding. Having said that we know the branding is equally important. Let's discuss why?

  1. The excellent product and good packaging is the formula for more reorders. The customer consumes your product with his/her eyes before the product. 
  2. The colourful, quirky packaging stands you out from your competitors. You'll always notice the attractive packaging from far as compared to the other brands with the standard designs. There are many studies which indicate the colours used in your product packaging play a key role in consumer buying decisions. Your brain reacts to colours in different ways.
  3. The branded packaging markets your product even after its use. Suppose you're selling the ginger garlic paste with the spout pouch then your customer with use the pouch till it's over. Your brand will be visible in front of the customer and family every day. It'll be easier for them to recognize the brand in the retail store.
  4. Branded packaging is one of the vital means of achieving successful brand recognization. It is one of the branding & marketing platform available for the companies to showcase their logo, tagline. You might be trekking some part of the country, and still, you'll recognize the labelled Cola bottle. Its because they have their presence in every part of the world with the same logo printed on the disposable bottle label. I know the example isn't very nice, but you get the point.

Now, we know branding requires quantity, investment, and we know it's equally important too. It's time we discuss a few tips and tricks with which you can minimize your packaging investment.


One Branded Box or Bag. You can go for the branded corrugated paper box or the bag and use them as the secondary packaging to pack everything. Pack your product inside the primary standard non-branded packaging and keep it inside the branded box or pouch. Branded Corrugated Boxes, mono-carton boxes, paper bags, sealable courier bags are commonly used as the secondary packaging.

One Size fits all. Use one branded paper box to pack all your products. In the ideal scenario, you will go for different box sizes as per the item size, but it'll be more expensive to go for multiple sizes of the branded boxes. You can go for one size paper box which can fit your most oversized item to be packed and use fillers to pack smaller items.


Go for Stickers & Labels. The stickers are the cheapest way to brand your packaging. It's very easy to print a few hundred paper stickers and labels than ordering thousands of branded paper box. 

Branded Paper Sleeves. You might be using the 500ml, 750ml, 1litre disposable containers to pack and deliver meals to the customer. It's budget-friendly to buy branded paper sleeves and use one paper sleeve for all three sizes. 


Branded Paper or Plastic Tapes. Not many people recognize this, but you can order branded paper tapes and use the printed tapes for branding. It doesn't cost much to buy branded disposable tapes as compared to other branding solutions available in the packaging industry.