Let's discuss why reusable packaging makes sense. What are the options available & how it gives the best ROI

Dec. 3, 2019

Reusable Packaging. The Innovative Packaging Solutions

Updated On: Dec. 3, 2019

The reusable packaging is in trend these days. As the name suggests, the reusable packaging can be used again and again. The customer will reuse the packaging items even after it has served its purpose of packing and delivering the product to the customer.

The customer is more likely to pick the product, which is packed inside some reusable packaging, and might pay a little extra for it.

Benefits of Reusable Packaging

The packaging has a second life and is reused by the customer.
Give the brand the added benefit as its more likely to be picked up from the shelves.

The branded packaging which can be reused by the customer will spread the brand name throughout its life.

The reusable packaging is better than the single-use packaging as its not thrown away carelessly after its use.

Glass Bottle

Glass Bottle

The branded glass bottles & jars are suitable to pack or deliver milkshakes, cold soup, juices. The glass jars are used to pack honey, desserts, jams, etc.

The glass jars and bottles are reused in every other house to store some food items. Its because the glass is chemically inert which means the glass doesn't react with the food item and is absolutely safe to use in the kitchen.

It's advisable to customize the glass products as they're likely to be reused. The branded glass jars and bottles will be reused by the customer and customer family and friends. The printed logo on the glass bottle will remind the customer about the brand.

If the customer knows they'll be getting the reusable glass jar along with the order, its more likely the brand using the glass disposables will be getting the order.

Water-Resistant Paper Bags

The Water-Resistant Paper Bags are suitable to pack and deliver meat, paneer, groceries. The wet strength of the paper bag is better than the standard kraft paper bags. The paper bag is 100% food grade and biodegradable.

The meat bags are used as garbage bags by the customer. The paper bag can hold wet garbage and doesn't tear easily. It's easy to dispose of the paper bag along with the wet waste as it'll decompose along with the biodegradable waste.

Cloth Bag for Groceries

Cloth Bag for Groceries

The reusable cotton cloth bags are well suited to carry groceries back home. It's very easy to fold the cloth bag in and carry along. The cloth has better strength as compared to the paper or plastic bags.

The branded cloth bag reminds the customer about the printed brand every time he/she uses the cloth bag. The other people around the customer using the bag will look at the printed brand on the cloth bag.

As the plastic containers are banned across India, the printed cloth bag presents the eco-friendly image of the brand to the public.

Corrugated Box

The corrugated boxes are commonly used as secondary packaging for almost everything. The corrugated boxes provide safety and cushioning to the product packed inside.

In India, the corrugated boxes have a second life. The corrugated boxes aren't thrown away by the customer. The carton boxes will be used to store books, electronics, clothes. The carton boxes are beneficial while shifting houses.

The printed corrugated box spreads the brand name even after its served its purpose of delivering the packed product safely.


Reusable Packaging Gives the Maximum ROI

The reusable packaging except the single-use plastic packaging are slightly expensive as compared to the one-time-use packaging.

The customer feels they're getting the reusable container or the bag along for free with the packed item. The product with the reusable packaging is more likely to be picked up in the supermarket as compared to the competitors.

I'd suggest spending a little extra and go for the branded reusable packaging materials. The reusable packaging will be used for various other purposes and will touch the lives of many people around the customer. So why not spread the brand name along with it.