Let's discuss how the tamper-proof packaging has found its place in the Indian food packaging industry.

Aug. 7, 2020

Tamper-Proof Packaging

Updated On: Oct. 2, 2020

In this article, we will discuss how the tamper-proof packaging has found its place in the Indian food packaging industry. By tamper-proof packaging, we understand the packaging which cannot be opened without leaving any trace. The tamper-proof packaging makes sure some permanent breakage or tears in the bag or box while opening. For example, the dry-fruits packed in the sealed pouch cannot be opened until someone tears the pouch from the top. If the customer receives the tampered pouch, he/she can refuse the delivery and ask for the replacement.

The tamper-proof packaging ensures product safety and quality since it's easy to maintain the right environment until the product expires.

Problem Statement

It's the food delivery services or the manufacturing company's responsibility to ensure the safe arrival of the product to the customer. It may be the food ordered online, cold drink kept on the retail store shelves, or the cookie box in the bakery. Every company wants its product to reach the customer intact. To ensure safety, the need for tamper-proof packaging was realized. 

Secure & Spillproof

The tamper-proof packaging is more secure if compared to other disposables. To make packaging tamper-proof generally, you might have sealed the pouch. The sealing makes sure the packaging is secure and stops leakage or spillage. Here I'd like to highlight the sealed paper container will not spill any curry since the lid is sealed properly. It might not be the case if you'll use the paper container with the paper lid. The lid might get loose and spill some of the liquid during deliveries.

Paper Bag with the Adhesive lid

The kraft paper bag comes with the adhesive lid. The paper bag comes with the base. Keep the items to be delivered inside the paper bag, fold the top of the bag, remove the protective barrier from the top of the bag, and close the bag.

If someone wants to open the paper bag, he/she will have to tear the paper bag to access the content inside the bag.  

Sealable Paper Box

It's straightforward for someone to open the box, have a little bit of food before delivering the food to the actual customer. Isn't it's scary?

To solve the problem, we have a paper box that can be sealed using the sealing machine. The box consists of the food-grade lining inside, which gives strength to the paper box and prevents leakage. 

Under the correct high temperature, the inside lining fuses together to create a strong bond, and the box is sealed.

Disposable Chai Flask

The disposable chai flask consists of the outside corrugated box which provides added protection to the box. Inside the corrugated box goes the aluminium pouch which is responsible for keeping the hot beverages warm for a longer period. 

The Aluminium pouch comes with a sealable cap. The cap has to be broken once closed. 

Sealable Paper Container

The round paper container is made from two paper liners with the thin plastic lining inside. The sealable paper container comes with the paper lid. The paper lid consists of the lining inside. With the sealing machine under the right temperature, the lid can be sealed on top of the paper container.

The paper container with the sealable lid provides additional strength and safety to the packed food inside.

Tamper-Proof Plastic Containers

The tamper-proof plastic container is the best choice to pack cookies, dry-fruits, snacks safely. The plastic lid fits into the lock available in the disposable container. Once the lid is closed, it has your customer will have to break it open. If the lock is already broken, then it means the container, and its content has tampered before.

Shrink Wrap Sleeves

The shrink wrap sleeves are one of the packaging solutions to make the packaging safe. The disposable honey jar can be wrapped around with the sleeve. Under the right temperature, the plastic wrap shrinks itself on the glass jar. The customer will have to tear the shrink-wrap sleeve to open the jar.

Sealable Paper Pouch

The sealable paper pouch consists of kraft paper outside and the thin plastic lining inside. If required, the aluminium lining can be added in the middle of the paper and plastic lining.

The paper pouch can be sealed using any regular sealing machine available in the market. The customer has to cut open the pouch to access the content packed inside the disposable pouch.