Festivals are an important part of our Indian traditions. We meet and greet relatives, friends, and exchange Sweet Boxes. You'll see all the retails shops are filled with the Diwali gift boxes a month before the festival.

Oct. 14, 2019

Sweet Box Packaging

Updated On: Nov. 15, 2019

The traditional Mithai, chocolates, bakery items are very popular among Indians. The joy of the festival is represented with the colorful design of the sweet boxes.

The sweet box should be colorful, food-grade, and sturdy enough to carry sweets.

In this article, I'll talk about some of the sweet boxes in trend these days.




Traditional Mithai Box

Traditional Mithai Box

The cardboard boxes are being used to pack Indian sweets, also known as Mithai, for quite some time.

These days, the good old cardboard boxes are replaced with good quality food-grade paper boxes since it's easier to manufacture, looks awesome, and feels premium.



Bakery Box

The pastry boxes and the cake boxes are a must for bakeries. The cake box with the window and the pastry box with the handle are in trend these days.


Macaron Boxes

Macaron Boxes

Macarons are delicious, and we love them. But they are expensive to make and are fragile like eggs ( slight exaggeration). Therefore Macarons deserves a good packaging box to protect them from rough handling.


Donut Box

The round donuts, along with the coffee, are relatively popular these days. People love to order Donuts at home or the office, and no one can eat just one.

The delicious donuts with the sugar glazing on top need extra care. The paper box with the partition is perfect for the deliveries. The nine pieces & 12 pieces of donut boxes are standard.



Cookie Box

Cookie Box

The round paper containers with the paper lid are generally used to pack cookies. Another option is to pack the delicate cookies it sealable plastic tray or pouches and use the branded paper box as the secondary packaging.


What's Obsolete?

The traditional cardboard boxes are not preferred anymore since their manufacturing takes time, and its most made by hand. Its easier to go for the good quality paper boxes. The branded paper box looks the premium feel to the customer as compared to the cardboard boxes. With the ban on plastics and an increase in awareness, the plastic containers aren't the first choice anymore.

Sweet Boxes & the Plastic Ban

Before ordering your paper boxes, you should know the paper to be used to manufacture your paper boxes. You should always go for the food grade sweet boxes.

If the paper to be used isn't food grade, then make sure you have the food-grade coating inside the box. If the plastic is ban in your state, then make sure that you place the butter paper at the bottom of the box before keeping the sweets inside the paper box.

If the plastic is banned in your state, then try not to go for the sweet boxes with the window.