Its the paper bag with excellent wet strength. The paper bag is good enough to pack meat and can easily hold the water released from the meat for three hours.

Dec. 2, 2019

Raw/Frozen Meat Packaging

Updated On: Dec. 3, 2019

The paper is manufactured from the 80 GSM food-grade paper. The meat packaging bag is 100% Eco-Friendly, does not have any Coatings or Plastics.

Its time to move away from the plastics and give way to the biodegradable packaging. The meat bags are a new addition to the paper bag family.

Till now, the meat is packed in plastic pouches or containers. With the implementation of the plastic ban, the paper meat bag is the best alternative to single-use plastic containers.

For assurance, I did my own test. I filled the bag with the water. The paper bags were intact but started leaking from the edges. In the practical scenario, the paper will be used to pack and deliver paneer, meat, oily snacks which shouldn't be the problem for the paper bag.

Why should we use meat paper bags?

  1. Available in a wide range of varieties.
  2. Controlled density and porosity for uniform saturation.
  3. Available with high levels of wet strength.
  4. Classified under the Cleanroom Paper.
  5. Capable of holding Frozen Products.
  6. Extremely High Bursting factor.
  7. Food Grade variety and Does not contain any Metal and is Food contact safe.

Is the bag leakproof?

The paper bag isn't leak proof and will not work with the curries but the paper has very good wet strength. It means the paper bag fibers will bot break easily if the paper is wet.

The paper bag is good enough to hold the water collected from the meat. The bag works well with any kind of oily food item like samosas, tikki, rolls, etc.

Paper Bag for the Microgreens

The paper bag is a suitable option to replace the plastic pouches with the microgreens. The microgreens maintain little water and the water-resistant paper bag might be the best biodegradable option.

The only drawback of using the water-resistant disposable bag is that it's not transparent. The plastic pouches allow the customer to inspect the fresh green vegetables, microgreens packed inside the pouch.

With the paper, it's best to leave the bag open. The customer can see inside and inspect the fresh produce and carry it along with them.