Want to decide on your packaging? Don’t know where to start? Start by reading this article! We try and explain the importance of packaging, and the things you must keep in mind to come up with the perfect packaging solutions. Do check it out!

April 1, 2018

Prepare for Packaging

Updated On: Nov. 27, 2019

Deciding on the right packaging solution takes time. Packaging determines the look, durability, and hence the reliability of a product. It can also serve to become your closest marketing tool, as by printing your logo, you can make it personalized.

Whether you're looking for the Food Packaging or the packaging design for the pharmaceutical company, the process isn't straightforward, and with the proper knowledge, you might save some time.

The food product needs the food grade packaging; the customize printed paper box will need excellent packaging design; the premium packaging is heavy on the Budget. Planning and deciding the right Packaging requires your time, efforts, and investment. I've listed some of the steps which you need to take care:

Decide on your packaging, after all, it needs to fit your product just right!

Decide on your packaging, after all, it needs to fit your product just right!

Decide on the type of Packaging you want:
Based on whether you depend on e-commerce, retail stores, or supermarkets for the distribution of your product, you need to decide on the type of Packaging. For example, if you deliver your products through e-commerce, you'll need some cardboard boxes, airbags, and some plastic pouches to make sure the product remains safe. On the other hand, if it's through a retail store, you'll need just some plastic pouches to keep the product closed up and clean.

Your product stands out? So should your packaging

Start working on the Packaging at least a month in advance: Packaging is not a small task; after all, it is what your customer will see first, even before your product itself. Hence, start working on the Packaging at least a month before the product launch to make sure it is perfect.

The good packaging design is eye-catching and keeps the product safe. Its essential for the brand that the printed packaging design stand out in the shelf if kept along with other items.

Start looking at designs only after fixing on a price.

Start looking at designs only after fixing on a price.

Start looking for Packaging under your Budget
Decide on your Budget: Decide on your Budget first, and then start browsing for solutions on Pirsq.com. By deciding on the Budget first, you will give yourself an idea of how much you are willing to spend, and can search for solutions in that range of pricing itself. You thought the high-quality food grade paper box would be the right choice, but its coming out to be expensive to print them.

Packaging needs time too!

Finding & Procuring the right Packaging takes time. You've thought of going with the printed paper boxes but did not know it'll take three weeks to be manufactured. You might have to buy plain boxes for now and use stickers for a few days. All this takes time and a lot of time, especially if this is your first time.

For customization over the paper-based Packaging, the Die has to be prepared for the Design to be printed, which might take longer for the first order and the reorder will be faster.

Find the right Packaging Online

Find the right Packaging Online

Make sure you spend enough time on your Packaging, as it is an integral part of your business. The online platform pirsq.com might ease the complicated process. Its easy to compare prices online and decide the right Packaging for your business.

Whether its bakery box, cake box, or you're looking for the custom packaging, the online platform makes the process easier. Looks for the packaging design boxes, containers, bags online or find the closest size with might work.

I have my Design ready.

The product packaging design does need the decent time. Its essential that you have the vector graphic design. The size of the vector design work can be adjusted easily if the manufacturer finds any design issue at the time of printing. Else, the vendor or the manufacturer has to ask for another design from the customer, which delays the order.


What are the common myths in the Packaging Industry?

The Packaging is Cheap. Not anymore. With the ban in plastics, the paper packaging is on the rise, which has increased the demand for paper products and the biodegradable Packaging.

The Packaging does not take time. It's not true. There are few pre requisites before the manufacturing begins. You can check it here.

Logo Printing over 100 Food Packaging Boxes. The offset printing over small quantities might not be possible. There's minimum order quantity for each packaging material which might much more than 100 pieces.

Everything is Food grade. Not all paper bags or paper boxes are food grade. You should check with the manufacturer or supplier if your food boxes follow the food safety standards.

I can visit the store and pick samples. The vendor or the manufacturer might not be providing any samples or might charge you for the samples. Do check with them before visiting.

The Packaging doesn't need much space. The Packaging does take more space. Talk to the manufacturers if they can send half order now and half later. It might save some space but plan on how to store the packaging material.