Can something as simple as paper boxes turn into one of the most powerful marketing tools you could have? Yes, all you need to do is customize your paper box! Find out how to get your very own customized paper boxes & how easy it is!

Feb. 1, 2018

Branded Paper Box. How It Works.

Updated On: Nov. 27, 2019

Being light, sturdy, and efficient, Paper Boxes are one of the most popular packaging tools used. They can be used to store anything, be it eatables, electronics, tools, or even other paper boxes! However, this diversity in usage leads to a variety of sizes, and sometimes, you don't seem to find paper boxes of the right size.
I am here to help you out with the traditional & new way of customizing the Paper Boxes.

Paper Box Mockup

Yes, you can ask for the Paper Box Mockup before finalizing the order. The box mockup is prepared by digitally printing on the paper and then folding the paper sheet into the Paper Box. You should expect a 10% colour difference between the Mockup & the manufactured Paper Box.

The companies generally charge for the Mockup which is refunded if you place the bulk order. 

Online Vs. Offline

The traditional way involves you going through & shortlisting various vendors listed online and then visiting each one of them asking for the quote.

Many people might go for the cheapest quote, which isn't always the best way of branding your Paper Boxes. The quotations should be compared based on the paper type to be used to manufacture the Disposable Boxes. You can read more about Paper Types here.

Doing all this offline can be very tedious and tiring. The new way of customizing the Paper Boxes is ordering boxes online. The process if comfortable and provides you with better pricing.

There are many websites available online where you can order your Disposable Boxes & one such website is

You can go through the wide ranges of Paper Boxes available online. If you're unable to find the right Box for yourself, then you can go to the Customization page Specify the required Paper Box size. It's important to give us the right size of the Disposable Paper Box as it allows us to evaluate the paper wastage and calculate the manufacturing cost of the Box.


Enter the quantity and place your order. And this is where your job is done. Now all you gotta do is wait for us to deliver your order!

We process the order and make sure that the package box manufacturing goes perfect, resulting in your desired order.

We now deliver the order at your doorstep. Isn't it simple? No more worries about having oddly shaped boxes. Let your creativity flow! 

Minimum Order Quantity. Does It Make Sense

It depends on the budget in hand. If you're on a limited budget, then you can buy lower quantities of the standard plain Paper Box and use stickers for branding.
If you have some extra budget in hand, then you should go for the Paper Box customization. The branded Paper Box put an excellent impression on the customer. You can even customize the size of the Paper Box as per your convenience.
The manufacturer can change the Paper quality of the Box to increase or decrease the cost of the Box. But the minimum order quantity starts from 5,000 pieces.

Paper Box Design

There are two ways of going about it. In the first option, the company already has the packaging designer. The blank keyline will be provided with the supplier or the manufacturer, and the designer will place the design in the blank keyline. The designer will have to keep in mind all the information regarding the paper box while preparing the print design.

The second option is to order packaging online. The online supplier has the set of design templates. The company will select the design and provide with the logo to be added to the paper box design. The packaging company designer will merge the provided logo with the chosen design and send the file for approval.

Its preferred the logo provided should be in the Vector File Format such as EPS, CDR. Its easy to make modifications to the vector design if the manufacturer feels to do so while printing.

The packaging company designer takes care of the intricate details while preparing the design. Let's discuss some of these intricate details which are essential and the packaging should keep in mind.

  1. Tagline and its placement
  2. Social media handles
  3. Online delivery platforms 
  4. Other store locations
  5. Contact number & address
  6. Message to the customer
  7. Veg or Non-Veg checkbox  

Many suppliers don't accept the design in some low-resolution image format since the print might come distorted during the paper printing stage.

Maximize ROI

The paper box branding requires quantity & money. Its essential to understand if branding over paper box makes sense or not.
With the growing competition and lucrative offers its common for people using food delivery apps to order the food without even looking at the brand.
The delicious food draws attention, and the branded paper box will leave the long-lasting impression on the customer. So its important to brand the paper box to get the maximum out of the packaging.
The branding increases the paper box price marginally, but the quantity is always higher. So if you believe in the brand, then you should go for the branded packaging if the budget allows you to do so.

Common Paper Boxes

Pizza Box

The corrugated box or the kraft paper box are commonly used to pack and deliver Pizzas safely. The box with the ventilation holes keeps the Pizza fresh.

I recommend checking the new Pizza box, which can be broken into smaller trays, and the bottom board can be folded into the smaller box to carry the remaining Pizza.

Cake Box with the Handle

The 320 GSM food-grade paper box is the obvious choice for the half KG & the 1 KG cakes. The 320 GSM paper box is sufficient to pack and deliver the delicious cake to the customer.

The handle on the box makes it easier & safe for the customer or the delivery person to carry the cake to the customer. The handles remove the need to give an extra paper bag for the box.

Bakery Box

The 5 inch X 5 inch X 3 inch paper box is good enough to pack bakery items like pastries, doughnuts, pudding, etc. 

The premium bakeries should definitely go for the bakery box with the handle. Even without the handle, the bakery box is small, easy to handle.

Sweet Box

The higher-grade paper box is good enough to pack sweets for the customer. The colourful sweet boxes made from the ITC food-grade paper works well, looks great, and place the good impression on the customer.

The delicious sweets are always discussed among the customers during festivals. The branded box brings your brand name to the discussion, and the brand name spreads like wildfire giving good ROI to the branded packaging.