Ever wanted to have some proof for all our claims about having strong, sturdy paper bags? Ever wanted to see just how much weight an actual paper bag can take? Check out our short video showing you just how strong our paper bags really are!

April 15, 2018

Paper Bag Durability Video

Updated On: Nov. 29, 2019

We keep mentioning that our paper bags are thick and sturdy, and we’re sure all the other companies out there do so too. Thus, we can understand your confusion and frustration as a customer, when you have to determine which one’s the best out of all those options in the market. Well, we would tell you that is the best, but just to help you better, we will also prove the durability of our paper bags with this short video of an actual person stuffing an actual paper bag with actual weight. And just like that, you now have proof of being the best!

We have taken 6 glass bottles filled with liquid, which weigh 473g each, hence making the total weight of the content to be 2.838 kg. Gee, can a paper bag really take that much weight? Let’s see!

Well, we have put each bottle into the bag, lifted the bag, and even given it little sways. And the winner? Our paper bag! It withstood all that weight, and even the extra torque we provide in the form of those sways. Looks pretty strong, doesn’t it? 

Paper bags are strong and sturdy due to the superior quality material we use, and the extensive manufacturing process it undergoes. After all, only if every stage is perfect will the outcome be perfect, right? So with this little video, you now know that we aren't just talking, we can prove our claims too!