It's common for many startups & businesses to not think about the storage & logistics of the packaging products in the beginning. I might have the solution for it.

July 31, 2019

Packaging Storage & Logistics

Updated On: Aug. 17, 2019

I am going to discuss one of the neglected area associated with the Packaging industry, which is the Storage & Logistics related to it. Many new startups miss this area and regret later. 

It's easier for small cafes & Kiosk to have a small kitchen, with one counter only. The setup is easy, less on investment, and easy to replicate. The only problem with the small setup is that they lack in storage. It means they might not be able to store a month of packaging at one outlet. And keeping big boxes of packaging products isn't possible.



You want to start a cloud kitchen or the Kiosk and want to expand fast. The money isn't the issue, and you ordered the best packaging for your product.

The day packaging arrives, you realize the storage might be the issue and distributing across multiple Kiosk in the city will be the time consuming & expensive. If you haven't thought about it, then don't worry. You're not alone and not the first to face this issue.

In this exact scenario, you'll have to unload the delivery truck, arrange multiple pickups, and make new boxes which will be sent to different delivery locations. It will not be easy and might take the whole day.

In another scenario, you might realize this after you've placed the order for the packaging products. You'll talk to different manufacturers and vendors from where you've placed the order and try to convince them to distribute and send the packaging items at a different location. 

The vendor or the manufacturer will charge you accordingly.


The solution to the problem is to place the order with only one offline or online vendor. The vendor should be able to plan your packaging within your budget. There will be a slight increase in the pricing as compared to going with the manufacturer directly. But its the best solution to the problem in hand.

Another solution is to do this yourself. You'll need to rent out a warehouse and a few procurement people to handle everything. It'll be expensive and doesn't make sense if you are just starting or have the medium-size business.

Managing the whole packaging yourself won't be better since it requires investment, and everything will come down to the procurement people experience and contacts. 

In my opinion, it's best to outsource the packaging to online vendors as its budget-friendly and efficient and lets you focus on the core business you have. The packaging vendors are already doing it for other customers, so providing the solution to you won't be the problem.



The online vendors such as have storages across the city. They manage your packaging products accordingly and give you an option to store your packaging if the storage is the constraint for you. The company does maintain some extra stocks for their regular customers.

The online platform gives you a wide range of packaging products choose from, compare pricing, and plan accordingly.