Want to know why buying packaging online is better than other retailers? Well, we've made a whole list of reasons why! Give it a read, and you will know exactly how Online Platforms are the most convenient option for all your packaging needs!

March 6, 2018

Online Vs. Offline. How to Order Packaging Online

Updated On: Nov. 23, 2019

As per IBEF, the E-Commerce market is expected to reach US$ 200 billion by 2026 from US$ 38.5 billion in 2017. Its the clear indication the people are going online from offline.
Online platforms, in general, provide much better pricing. Its because online platforms don't have to invest in shops & storage. Anyone from the manufacturer to the vendor can list their products online.
The wide range of products available online allows the customer to various items from different locations.
The online packaging platforms has the wide range of packaging disposables. Its easy for startups and businesses to plan, compare, and buy packaging online.
As we all know, the single-use plastics are banned in many states across India. Its very easy to look for the biodegradable. Its easy to look for the biodegradable alternatives online.


Choose from over a 1000 products!

Choose from over a 1000 products!

The online platforms offer a wide range of packaging disposables to choose from which won't be provided by any offline vendors.
With the plastic ban in the major states across India, the online packaging platforms give you an option to go for the biodegradable alternatives.
Buying biodegradable packaging online without going anywhere is easy and convenient.

Print your logo on your packaging!

The online packaging platforms give you budget-friendly branding solutions with competitive price and reasonable order quantity.
The customer ordering packaging online get the option to choose the preset design templates. Its helpful for new startups as hiring the packaging designer, in the beginning, isn't affordable for everyone.
The customer has to provide their logo, select the design, and the online packaging providers will prepare the design.
In short, the online packaging supplier gives the best price and free design support. If you have some experience with ordering branded packaging with the offline vendors, you'll know pricing, minimum order quantity, and design support matters for new businesses ordering packaging for the first time.

Your purchase, your size! Just state the size you need.

Your purchase, your size! Just state the size you need.

The online platforms not only give you the wide range of packaging materials to choose from but allows the customer to order packaging as per the requirement provided by the customer.
The customer will add the requirement for paper bags, paper boxes online. The packaging provider will first check the feasibility of the requirement.
If the requirement is feasible, a quote is prepared for the requirement. Else the online suppliers will suggest the best alternative option, which is possible.

Save money with our lower prices!

The online packaging platforms give you all the standard & branded packaging options at best rates. Multiple manufacturers provide the quotation against the requirement, which generates the sense of competition among the sellers. The prices mentioned online are generally cheaper as compared to the offline vendor.

Track your purchase all the way until it reaches your doorstep!

Track your purchase all the way until it reaches your doorstep!

By ordering online, you are guaranteed doorstep delivery by Pirsq. However, that does not mean that you won’t have any contact with us till then. You can track your purchase all the way until delivery, so you will know exactly when your order has left the warehouse, and when it will reach you.

Both billing and payment is online.

In this new era of a cashless economy, the online packaging platforms give you the easy-to-use online payment options, helping you place your order and pay for it, all in the comfort of your house!
The customer may choose to pay via Bank Transfer or Online using credit/debit cards.
As you pay online/offline, an invoice is generated against the order which is available for the customer to download from the Order page.