As the hungry Packaging Blogger with a lot of time in hand, I decided to go out in the market and look for the creative packaging designs which are ruling the shelf of the Indian Supermarkets.

Aug. 13, 2019

Why your Product Packaging has to be Different in 2020?

Updated On: Dec. 10, 2019

I was hoping to find one quirky packaging design in every row In the supermarket. But there aren't many. And in fact, the first supermarket I tried I couldn't find anything which can be closely related to the term creative. 

It makes me realize there aren't many brands who are experimenting with their Packaging. Most of the items in the retail store shelf under one category look the same. If you go to the beverage section in the supermarket, you'll find most of the beverages inside the plastic bottles with their brand label.

 Isn't it monotonous? At the same time, it can be an opportunity too. Of course Yes it is the Opportunity. It makes me feel, Is it the technology or the cost, which makes the brand to take the road less creative if it's any of these factors then how other brands can do it.

 The new brands can disrupt the monotonous packaging behavior with some different & creative packaging designs.

 Paper Boat packaging is the classic example. Instead of going with the regular product packaging design, they started with the spout pouch flexible Packaging for their beverages.

 You don't even have to change the regular Packaging completely. A slight change in the Packaging can make a big difference. And that's I am going to discuss now. I roamed around the supermarkets and collected some of the best packaging designs which I feel makes the difference.


1. Spout Pouch or Tetra pack with Spout

Adding one cap on pouches or the tetra pack makes an enormous difference. In the image, you can see one pouch with the Spout and other without the Spout. All the pouches contain the ginger garlic paste. I cook myself and realizes the importance of the Spout in the pouch. It's easier to use and store without any mess.

Truth told I didn't buy it because I hadn't a need for the ginger garlic paste. But you can bet I will remember where it is next time I'm at my local supermarket.

2. Net Bags or Mesh Bags

The traditional way is to use some grocery bag for Fruits & Vegetables. What we have in the picture is the vegetables inside the Mesh Bags. You pick up these bags with the vegetables inside and pay as per the weight.


3. Reusable Container

This did get me to look at it when I was walking down the drinks aisle. I thought it was nice to see something different. If you buy two pouches of the instant powdered drink mix, you'll get one cool plastic sipper.

We're more like to pick the product which comes with the reusable container even if it cost slightly more.

I think its a good idea for the companies as the consumer is more likely to pick their product. And the reusable containers will remain in the buyer's kitchen for a few months.

4. Glass Jars

As I mentioned above the consumer is more likely to pick the product with the container. In the case of honey, which comes with the container, many people will go with the squeeze bottle as compared to the other options since it's easier to store and use.

I will go with the glass jar option too as it gives the premium look and gives a more natural organic feel to the consumer as compared to the plastic containers.


5. Quirky Packaging Design Boxes

The rectangular box is always the first choice for the companies since it's space-efficient and can be easily stacked. The space efficiency of the paper box makes them an excellent choice for the secondary Packaging, and every other brand is doing it.

Here in the image, we can see two paper boxes. One box has the rounded top, which caught my eyes. The paper box stands out of the crowd and grabs the consumer attention even though you don't want to buy it.

The rounded top paper boxes are stacked differently. Every layer of paper boxes will be tilted horizontally by 90 degrees.

The improved version of the paper box with the rounded top can be the triangular paper box as its easier to store. The alternate boxes are kept upside down and will use the same space as the rectangular box. The only drawback with these designs is they can't be stacked on the shelf.

Play with the Colours

Its essential to understand the importance of colours in the world of packaging. The good choice of colours on the packaging might give you an extra edge over the competitors.

Its common to see the same style of packaging with the same set of colours across various brands under one category. Its playing safe. Its not the bad idea since the packaging is proven, and many brands are already using the same packaging.

Its time for action. Go to various supermarkets and retail stores. Identify the shelves for your product category and analyze your competitor's packaging design and colour schemes they've used. Take pictures if possible.

Its common to see the same type of packaging used by most of the brands in the same space. 

Its monotonous. The customer is used to the same type of packaging with similar colours. You need to break the monotony and increase your chances of success.

Start from scratch and comes up with the cost-effective & practical packaging which no one is using. Go for the glass jars instead of the paper box if it makes sense and makes you different.

Let's shake things up. Its time to come up with the print design that'll make your product stand out from the crowd. Why not go for the bold red when all the designs green in colour?


Its must for Branding & Packaging to go hand in hand, but it's equally important to experiment and take risk backed with the trial run and survey.

The designers should be upto date with the new packaging technology, practicality, and feasibility.

The packaging design can be called creative only if it's budget-friendly, easy to pack & store, and appeals to the buyer.