Glass Bottles & Glass Jars are used to pack and sell Jams, Honey, Beverages & various other items. The property of the glass to be chemically inert makes it an excellent packaging solution.

April 24, 2019

How to Brand over Glass Bottles & Jars

Updated On: July 18, 2019

Glass Bottles/Jars with Stickers

The Glass Jar with the label sticker looks good and presents the brand well. The sticker option is suitable either for new businesses not ready to invest a lot in branding or for the products where detailed information is needed to present such as ingredients, nutrition label.

Glass Containers with Screen Printed Logo

The branded glass containers give the premium feel to the customer. Whether it's milkshake in the glass bottle or the red velvet cake in the glass jar, the beautiful glass containers present the product inside along with your brand in the best manner possible.


Glass Containers inside the Branded Box

The idea is to pack plain non branded glass containers inside the branded paper box. The paper box should have the partitioning system to hold each glass jars or bottles securely. This partitioning system can be removed, and the paper box can be used to pack something else. This smart idea saves a lot of money as you buy plain non branded glass containers in small quantity and only invest in the paper box branding.