Does the term ‘biodegradable packaging’ send shivers down your spine? Do you think the eco-friendly packaging is unbearably expensive? Well, let us correct you and tell you how biodegradable packaging can become economical too!

May 9, 2018

How Economical is Biodegradable Packaging

Updated On: Dec. 6, 2019

What is Eco-Friendly Packaging?

The packaging materials which are created and disposed of without any environmental impact are considered to be the Eco-Friendly Packaging. Yes, it means the paper packaging materials aren't completely Eco-Friendly as they produced from the wood as the raw material.

The paper packaging products are considered as Biodegradable Packaging since the paper is 100% compostable.

Any Eco-Friendly or Biodegradable packaging items should breakdown and decompose on its own even if thrown carelessly.

How economical is biodegradable packaging

Contrary to popular belief, saving the environment doesn't cost you too much. Although hearing the term 'Biodegradable Packaging' sends shivers down most of your spines, we're here to tell you that in reality, it is not as expensive as you think. And it gives you bonus points for moral integrity too!

With the advancement in technology and increasing awareness about ecological health, we are developing a lot of economical and eco-friendly packaging solutions. Biodegradable plastics, Areca packaging, Kullads, paper bags all of these methods are inexpensive, both in terms of your wallet and the environment.

Some ways in which you can shift to biodegradable packing and make it efficient are:

Shifting to one biodegradable item at a time: this not only makes the process easier but also economical. You will see the changes in both your expenditure and sales and can then decide on which packaging to change next. Marketing your eco-friendly packaging: using the fact that your packaging is biodegradable can make for some very interesting taglines and slogans, and can increase your marketing capabilities by a considerable margin. It will also help build a positive image for your brand and will attract the nature-lovers.

Every little step counts. You might think that one paper bag in a heap of plastic bags may not make a difference, but to the cattle which ate that paper bag instead of the plastic bags and survived, it did. The kullad which decomposed and helped a small plant grow, the areca bowl which was recycled and reused over and over, all these things make a difference. Your small steps will be to help Mother Earth.

Which are the most Eco-friendly packaging material? 

 Eco-FriendlyStrength & QualityBiodegradibilityBudget
Areca 10/10 9/10 10/10 $ $
Bagasse 8/10 6/10 10/10 $ $
Cornstarch 7/10 6/10 10/10 $ $ $
Paper 6/10 7/10 8/10 $


What are some sustainable approaches to packaging?

Use Biodegradable Packaging - As I've mentioned before, stop using plastic disposables or packaging materials. Try to switch to biodegradable packaging as much you can. For e.g., if you pack fruits inside the plastic container then switch to Areca container and wrap it with the cling wrap though the best option is not to use plastics at all.

Stop Over Packaging - This can be seen quite commonly around you everywhere in restaurants, retails store. Many of the items present in the retails stores are over-packaged. Few of the common examples are the cookie bags containing smaller cookie packets inside, the extra large packaging container for the lower sized food item.

What are the common myths of Eco-Friendly packaging?

Hard to find - The eco-friendly packaging is readily available across India. You can order the right eco-friendly solution online here.
Expensive - With the growing awareness & ban across India on plastics to be used as one time disposable, there is growth in the technology of manufacturing eco-friendly packaging materials and demand have reduced the prices significantly.