Ordering a bunch of packaging materials, but don’t know if you want it delivered to the godown or your doorstep? Well, here is a small article which might help you decide just that! Click on the link below right away!

May 11, 2018

Godown vs Door Delivery

Updated On: Aug. 17, 2019

When it comes to packaging solutions, one of the most important decisions to make is storage. Where should we collect the delivered material, and where should we store it? Contrary to the popular belief, delivery to the godown could be more economical and efficient than delivery at your doorstep. Here’s how.

Sometimes, items which cost less can end up occupying more space. For example, paper napkins cost less, but ocuupy a lot of space. The better option for storing items which take up greater amounts of space are godowns, which are bigger in size and spacious.

It’s difficult to deliver disposables and other packaging solutions at your doorstep, as is often done by e-commerce websites.

Since disposables take up more space, it becomes difficult to store them in very large quantities at warehouses. They can be stored easily at the bigger godowns, and they will be safer there.

Most of the logistics companies that are used for disposables and packaging materials have their own godowns and don’t really provide doorstep delivery services. Hence, it may become difficult to actually get them to deliver your order at your doorstep, and it may become very expensive too.

Hence, the next time you’re deciding on your delivery method, do make sure to think of all these factors!