Whether you want them for packing up your small products like groundnuts and mixtures, or you want to deliver some French fries, whatever your requirement, we have a paper pouch for you. Do check out all our varieties right here, right now!

Feb. 20, 2018

Find the Right Paper Pouch!

Updated On: Dec. 6, 2019

Find the right paper pouch!

Pirsq provides a wide variety of pouches, as you can see by going onto our website. Ranging from straight and long thin paper pouches to broad thick cardboard pouches to even transparent laminated stand-up pouches, Pirsq provides all kinds of pouches. Whether you want them for packing up your small products like groundnuts and mixtures, or you want to deliver some French fries, whatever your requirement, we have a solution.

What is Paper Pouches recommended for?

Paper Pouches can be used for various purposes. They can be used to store, deliver and sell a lot of things, including dry fruits, mixtures, sweets, French fries, nuggets, and many more. The size, shape, and type of the pouch needed to depend on your product. For example, if you need to deliver French fries, you’ll need a thick pouch, as the oil can make thin paper pouches soggy, and eventually lead to them tearing. If you want to sell cashew nuts, it would be better to go for the transparent laminated pouch, as the customer will be able to see the product before buying it. Some of the different types of pouches available are:


Brown and White poly-coated sealable paper pouch: The poly-coated paper pouch as the name suggest has the plastic lining inside which makes the pouch leak proof from inside and makes the pouch sealable. These paper pouches are sealed with any regular sealing machine. The recycled paper is used to manufacture the pouches to keep the cost down. The plastic lining inside the pouch is food grade.

French Fries Pouch (various sizes): With a starting price of 1.7 Rupees per piece, these pouches are of several kinds, like plain thin paper ones which can be customized, cone-shaped cardboard and thick cardboard ones, both of which are best suited for serving French fries and nuggets.

Metalized brown/white colored paper pouches: These pouches have a metallic aluminum coating on the inside, which can be used to keep the contents warm for some time. These can be used in the delivery of food products which need to be maintained at a particular temperature.

LDPE laminated stand up paper pouch: The stand-up pouches can be bought in various sizes and designs, with varied transparent windows. They even have a resealable air-tight seal, making it perfect for storing dry edibles.

Butter Paper Pouch: We even have a few butte paper pouches, which are manufactured on order. These can be used to store and deliver oily edibles.

Stand up Pouch: The standup pouches are available in a wide range of sizes and customization options. These can be used to store, deliver and sell various food products, especially stuff like nuts, cereals, and pulses. These are the high-quality kraft paper pouches which are kept straight and gives better brand visibility.

Paper Pouch Customization

The custom printed pouches are the flexible packaging solution and are customizable too with few limitations. The poly-coated sealable pouches or Metalized pouches are not available with the window but you can get your single color logo printed over 2000 pieces.

The paper stand up pouch customization quantity starts from 15,000 pieces which might be too much for the new businesses. And there are one-time printing die charges which may vary between INR 8,000 to INR 12,000 depending on the size. You can go with screen printing or with the stickers too.

The french fries pouches & the butter paper pouches customization quantity starts from 5,000 and 11,000 pieces respectively. The printing over the butter paper pouches doesn't come out very good as compared to the french fries paper pouch.

Are Paper Pouches Food Grade?

Most of the paper pouches are food grade regardless of the paper used to manufacture the pouches. If the recycled paper is used for the pouch then there will be plastic LDPE or the aluminum food-grade lining inside. If paper itself is food grade such as the butter paper then there might not be any lining inside. Though the lining inside the pouch makes the pouch leak proof and sealable.
Generally, the paper pouches available in the market are food grade but we'd suggest checking it with the vendor or supplier before buying. The best option is the buy the product online and checks if the product is marked food grade in the detail page.

What are the common uses of Paper Pouches?

Tea & Coffee Packaging - The stand-up pouches & poly-coated paper pouches are used to pack tea & coffee easily. You can choose either of the two options depending on your budget.

Barrier Packaging - The presence of a high barrier of the aluminum inside the pouch keeps the food warm and fresh. This property makes the metalized pouches the ideal choice for the restaurant. The metalized paper pouches are way better than the silver foil pouch commonly used these days.

Dry Fruit Packaging - The stand-up pouches with the window gives the sneak peek to the fresh and healthy nuts packed inside the pouch.

Fast Food & Restaurant Packaging - The butter paper pouch is food grade and is used to pack & serve french fries, salads, rotis, etc.

Spices Packaging - The vacuum sealed environment inside the pouch keeps the packed spices fresh for the longer period.

Where Can I Buy Paper Pouches From?

The paper pouches are readily available in the market with offline vendors. Offline vendors & shops generally have standard sizes. It's advisable to check with the vendor before going to the shop as they might not have the exact size you're looking for. Or, you can browse through the wide range of options available in the market here online, compare prices, and buy your perfect sized paper pouch online. The prices are generally the same or less depending on the quantity you buy.


The paper packaging pouches is one of the best packaging solutions with so many use cases across so many industries. The paper pouches are used to pack chemicals, fertilizers, coffee, nuts, gravies, starters, etc.

The flexibility, handling, and affordability make the paper pouch one of the best packaging solutions. Just go to any one of the super markets and you'll find across the shelves.