Having sleepy Monday blues, or some particularly exhausting back-to- back meetings? This calls for some relaxing hot tea. But what if you just don’t have the time for a rush to the tea shop? All you need is a chai flask brimming with garam chai! With our brand new disposable tea flasks, you can now carry/deliver hot tea in a convenient and eco-friendly way.

Jan. 19, 2018

Disposable Chai Flask. The Only Tea Packaging You Need

Updated On: Nov. 22, 2019

What is Disposable Flask?

As the name suggests, the Disposable Flask is the combination of the Aluminium pouch and the outer covering of the corrugated box. The Aluminium flask is leakproof & spillproof.

The Disposable flask is used to pack and deliver Hot & Cold beverages such as Soups, Coffee, Tea's

Why do we need Disposable Tea Flask?

There are not many viable solutions to pack & deliver hot & cold beverages to the customer except Disposable Flask.

Before Disposable Flask, plastic pouches, plastic, and paper cups were used to deliver beverages to the customer. There were more damages & complaints.

Disposable flasks prove to be a perfect solution. As they can be used for safe delivery of a hot beverage, without fears of getting burnt, the container getting soggy, or tea spills.

The flask can keep the tea warm for about 30-40 minutes and can be disposed of easily after consumption. Disposable tea flasks are a popular solution to the problem of carrying tea for a group of people.

The most common size is the 500ml flask, which holds enough Tea, Coffee for 2-3 people. The 250ml disposable flask is good for small orders good enough for one person. The 750ml flask is good for office meetings, house parties. 

Almost all the Tea, Coffee joints are using disposable flask to pack and deliver hot & cold beverages to the customer. 

The other tea packing option is to use the silver foil. The silver foil pouch is not the safe option for the hot beverages as it tends to leach chemicals at high temperatures. As of the now the paper flask is the only viable option for the Indian market to pack & deliver Hot beverages to their customers.

Why do we need the Outer Corrugated Box?

The outer corrugated box provides the inside spout pouch additional insulation & protection. 

The delivery people go around with the small insulated bag at the back of the bike. With the growing competition among the online food delivery apps, the delivery guys sometimes have to stuff multiple orders inside the small bag. The outer corrugated box keeps the hot or cold beverage inside the aluminium pouch safe from the rough handling.

On top of that, we can print design on the outer corrugated box. Since the minimum order quantity to print over the aluminium pouches is very high, its budget-friendly to print a few thousand boxes. Also, it's not easy to hold the hot Aluminium pouch directly.

How to get Branded Disposable Flask?

The outer corrugated box can be printed with your logo design. The minimum order quantity for logo printed Disposable Chai Flask starts from 2,000 pieces.

If you don't have the printing design ready, then I'll recommend ordering your customized Disposables Tea Flask Here. After placing the order, you can ask for the available themes and select one of them. You'll get the whole design ready within two days. 

If the company has its packaging designer, then its the designer responsibility to add extra details to the print design.

Let's discuss some of the intricate details except logo which should be kept in mind while preparing the design for the brand.

  1. Brand Tagline
  2. Varieties of Hot & Cold Beverages available for delivery
  3. Store address & contact details
  4. Social media handles
  5. Message to the customer

The designs available with online suppliers generally take care of the intricate details. You have to provide them with the information mentioned above in the email.

For how long the Disposable Flask can keep the hot beverage warm?

The Aluminium pouch itself can keep the hot beverages such as Tea, Coffee, Soups, Hot Chocolate hot for about 20 minutes.

The outer corrugated box provides additional insulation and protection. Along with the outer corrugated box, the Disposable Flask can keep the beverage warm for 30-40 minutes.

Disposable Flask Types

Disposable Flask with the Side Spout

The side spout disposable chai flask is the standard shape available in the market. The side spout shape is tried and tested for quite some time and works great. 


Disposable Flask with the Middle Spout

The middle spout disposable flask is a fairly new shape. The 250ml flask looks excellent and premium. 

The minimum order quantity for the middle spout is generally on the higher side if compared with the side spout flask.


Disposable Flask with Handle

The handle can be added all the types of flask but increases the manufacturing cost by INR 2. 

The handle looks small, but the paper wastage to add the handle is significant. The minimum order quantity of the disposable chai flask with the handle starts from 3,000 pieces.

Disposable Flask Mockup

The Mockup for the flask is prepared by taking the digital printout of the keyline design on the plain sheet. The sheet is cut accordingly manually, which is then pasted on the plain corrugated paper flask.
Do note there'll be a 10-15% colour difference between the Mockup and the offset printing.

Is the Disposable Flask Food Grade?

The aluminium spout pouch inside the disposable flask is 100% food grade. You can ask for the food-grade certificate from the supplier. The online supplier has uploaded the documents online and is available to view on their product detail page.
The aluminium pouch can easily withstand the temperature upto 100 degrees Celcius. The hot tea, coffee, hot chocolate is served at 60 degrees Celcius.

Disposable Flask Specifications

The outer corrugated flask is made from the corrugated sheet whose outer kraft paper specification is 180GSM X 20BF and inside paper specification is 150GSM X 20BF.
The inside aluminium pouch comes with the plastic spout pouch which can withstand heat upto 120 degrees Celcius.

Chai Flask History

India's one of the largest tea retail chain Chai Point introduced the concept of the heat retaining disposable chai flask in early 2016. The company started the service "chai on call" and use the chai flask for delivering hot beverages to the customer. To this day many people call it "Chai Point Flask".

The disposable flask works well as compared to the other alternatives. Following the success of the disposable flask, many companies shifted to the disposable chai flask quickly. The concept grew to like the wildfire and today its the default option to pack & deliver Tea.