Want to know how you can keep your favorite diet item fresh and fabulous? Well, with Paxlander innovative tips on packing salads, your bowls of green veggies and fresh fruit can now remain tasty and crisp for longer than ever!

May 1, 2018

Different Ways to Pack Salads

Updated On: Nov. 29, 2019

The first thing that comes to mind when we talk about eating healthy is definitely a big bowl of fresh, green salad, right? Well, the salad needs to look fresh, filled to the brim with green leafy vegetables and bright red tomatoes. But have you ever thought about the bowl? About the bowl needs to be perfectly shaped, and just the right size?

Be it vegetable salads or fruit salads, these healthy dishes need equally healthy and clean packaging ideas. And we have just the right ones for you! Here are five ways to pack salads.

Using a Round Plastic Container: A simple plastic container can serve as the best salad bowl because of its ability to keep its contents fresh and clean. The container is microwave and freezer friendly, so it can be used to keep your salad at the exact temperature you want!


Plastic cup with a dome lid: A plastic cup with a dome lid makes sure that the beautiful dressing on top of your salad remains untouched. Also, being plastic, it keeps the salad fresh and crisp.

Areca Container with lid: Areca containers are biodegradable, and safe for storing consumables. They are easily disposable, and keep their contents fresh and odour-free. A lid will help store and deliver your salad easily.

Areca Bowl with cling wrap: An Areca bowl is a perfect fit to your mental image of salads-in-a-bowl, and also keeps your food fresh and tasty. Pairing it with a cling wrap will keep it clean and dry.

Biodegradable ClamShell Box: A ClamShell box has an airtight lid, which keeps your salad clean and fresh. It is biodegradable, and hence can be disposed of easily.

Foil Containers: Foil containers are the most economical solution to packing salads. It serves the dual purpose of keeping the salad fresh and keeping the dressing safe.