Let's discuss the different types and shapes of the cake boxes which you go for depending on your theme and requirement.

July 2, 2019

Different Type Of Cake Boxes

Updated On: Aug. 7, 2019

In this article, I am going to talk to you about the Cake Box Packaging for the Bakeries. Anywhere it is, the Cake is the treat to eyes and your tastebuds. And your delicious Cake requires an awesome good looking Cake Box. Imagine delivering the beautiful Cake inside very dull, soggy box. Naah, we don't want that right.

The cake box should be of the appropriate size, not too large or small, should hold the Cake easily and, the design should go with the brand.

Before deciding the correct cake box design, we'll have to understand a little bit about the type of Paper available with the manufacturers and why we should know about them.

Recycled Paper is very common in the retail market as they are the cheapest food packaging boxes, but it's essential to know that the Paper isn't food grade since it's made after recycling Paper the Paper have ink mixed in it which might not be the food grade ink. The cake boxes made from the recycled Paper might not be very sturdy.

Virgin Paper Board is one of the best choices for the cake boxes as the Paper is very much food grade, and the paper strength will be very good depending on the paper quality.

The duplex Paper board are excellent in strength and are widely used to make mono cartons, which acts as the primary packaging for the item to be packed inside, but the duplex paper might not be food grade. I'd suggest discussing this with the manufacturer initially.
SBS Paper is widely these days to make boxes but is not food grade. It means they'll have to be laminated from inside to make the box food grade. The custom cake box design prink looks very good over the SBS board.

Imported Kraft Paper looks brown like the recycled Paper but gives the premium yet a natural look and feel to the box. The Paper is slightly expensive and has greater strength.

The quality of the Paper depends on the GSM, and the burst factor of the Paper as these attributes are decided by the manufacturer or Vendor depending on the requirement of the box. These attributes are determined based on the size of the box, maximum weight the box will hold, are the box will be stacked over each other. We'll not discuss these attributes more in detail since the manufacturer calculates them. It's advisable to go with the manufacturer calculations and will be best if you can go for one quality higher too.

Let's discuss the different types and shapes of the cake boxes which you go for depending on your theme and requirement.

Traditional Plain Cake Box

Traditional Plain Cake Box

The regular plain cake boxes are being used for quite some time and work very well. These paper boxes are available in recycled paper board, virgin ITC paper board and duplex paper board with or without lamination everywhere in the market.
You can never go wrong with these paper boxes as they are commonly used across India and are very easy to customize.

Cake Box with Window

The paper box with the window gives you the sneak peek to the delicious cakes and desserts kept inside the box. The Cake Box with window tempts everyone to open the box and have a slice of the delicious Cake.
The paper box with the window cut is manufactured with the machine, and the plastic sheet is pasted manually. It's required to use the high-quality paper board for the box. The ITC paper board or the Imported Kraft Paper works very well for the box.

Cake Box with Handle

Cake Box with Handle

If you use any of the boxes mentioned above then either you'll hold the bakery box or will ask for the paper bag. What if we combine them both and use the cake box with the handle. The cake box with the handle makes it very convenient for the customer to carry the Cake or desserts around.
The handle has to hold the weight of the Cake. It means the box has good strength. I'd suggest using the high-quality Virgin paper or Imported Kraft Paper for the box.

Corrugated Box

I'd suggest corrugated boxes for the two-tier & three-tier cakes. The two to three-tier cakes can go heavy and will need the sturdy box. The Corrugated box is the ideal choice for heavy cakes. These boxes are suitable for storing cakes in the wet fridge too as the wet fridge melts the icing and sugar on the Cake. The corrugated box absorbs most of the moisture and keeps the Cake fresh.

Cake Box Customization

Cake Box Customization

All the cake boxes mentioned above are customizable based on the requirement. You have the layered Cake. No problem you can get the custom printed bigger paper box.
Generally, the minimum order quantity starts from 2000 pieces for the bigger sizes and 3,000 pieces for the smaller sized pastry boxes.
It takes upto two weeks in the manufacturing of the customized cake box. The first time the Die is prepared for the design print. The reorders generally takes ten working days.


If you have the medium sized bakery with a wide range of cakes & pastries, then go with custom design printed recycled paper boxes. Get the boxes laminated from inside to make them food grade and give the box more strength.

I'd suggest going with the Virgin Paper Box for the bakeries who want to go slightly premium and keep the pricing competitive. The custom printed box will be sturdy and looks good with the design.
For the premium bakeries, I'd suggest the premium paper box with the handle or paper box with the handle as the premium paper box goes with the brand. The costing for the box will be slightly on the higher side and undoubtedly worth it since the premium quality Cake needs the premium paper box.

Now you can order and customize the cake boxes online at the competitive price here. The website allows you to browse and compare a wide variety of cake boxes online and compare prices. The site also provides you with the option to choose one out of many standard cake box packaging designs after placing the order at no extra charge, or you can give the design.


 Plain Paper BoxCake Box With HandleCake Box With WindowCorrugated Box
Presentation 6/10 7/10 9/10 5/10
Easy To Use 6/10 10/10 7/10 6/10
Easy TO Make 8/10 7/10 8/10 7/10
Easy To Store 9/10 7/10 8/10 5/10
Costing $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $