Want to place your products in fancy designer paper bags? It's no longer a distant dream & complicated! Given here are all the steps you need to take to customize your paper bags. Give it a try today!

Feb. 1, 2018

Designer Paper Bags are no longer unreachable!

Updated On: Nov. 29, 2019

Want to place your products in fancy designer paper bags? It's no longer a distant dream! Given here are all the steps you need to take to customize your paper bags with Pirsq. Give it a try today!

Designer Paper Bags are no longer unreachable!

Need printed paper bags, but the leading suppliers don’t seem to have the right size? You don’t need to adjust with available sizes any longer. The online platform Pirsq provides customization for your favorite brown paper bags with just the click of a button!


How to Prepare for Paper Bag Customization

You must send us a few details before asking for the quotation for the kraft paper bag customization.

Size does Matter - You can decide on the required paper bag size which can fit your product easily. Try to go for one size bigger as you might want to fir more items later. It's common with the new upcoming Cafe & restaurants to come up with the new food item or combo's which might need the slightly bigger bag. You don't want to order more slightly bigger paper bags when you already have paper bags from the last order. This problem will increase the packaging budget & consume more storage space.

Do I Need Handle - The paper bag with the handle is the obvious choice if the item to be packed inside is heavy or you're the premium establishment. Adding the handle to the paper bag increases the cost by approximately INR 2. So if you'll mainly be packing sandwiches and fries, then you can go with the high-quality paper bags without the handle. Put the item to be packed inside and fold the bag from the top.

More the Cheaper - The paper bag design printing starts from 3,000 pieces depending on the size, and you should be comfortable with the quantity. The manufacturing cost goes down slightly with the increase in the quantity. You can expect the price to go down by INR 0.50 to INR 1 for 10,000 pieces if compared the costing for making 3,000 pieces

My Design is Ready - It's best if you have the vector design ready. The manufacturer asks for the Vector file either in CDR or EPS format. At the time of making the bags, the manufacturer might find the design to be small or the distortion in the edges. The manufacturer should be able to increase or decrease the size of the print design. It's very easy if he has the Vector file, which isn't the case if the design is provided in PDF or JPG format.

I Have Time - You should have around three weeks in hand for the logo printing. The die is prepared for the first order which can be reused in the reordering. So if the first order takes three weeks to be delivered, then the next order might be delivered in 2 weeks

Be Captain Planet - See if you can use the bags made from recycled paper or you want the Virgin Kraft paper bag. The eco-friendly paper bags are slightly cheaper, but the recycled paper might not be food grade. So make sure you wrap the food item inside the food grade box or the butter paper.

How can I Order my Paper Carry Bags Online?

Rather than repeated trips to your distributer’s office with your customized specifications, Pirsq provides you with a wide range of high quality paper products and lets you customize any paper bag, be it paper shopping bags, paper grocery bags, paper bags with handles, or even recycled paper bags all at the comfort of your home. Customization of your order involves the following steps –

1. Log onto Pirsq.com and enter the size as per your requirement, or choose from some of the sizes we offer.

2. Specify the required quantity, provide us with the design print, and place your order. This is where your job ends! Leave the rest to us.

4. We convey your specifications to paper bag manufacturers and make sure they manufacture the bags to your liking.

5. Your order will be delivered at your doorstep, safe and on time, by Pirsq. And that’s how you can customize your paper bags! Isn’t it simple? Log onto pirsq.com today!


It's best to be prepared while ordering the packaging. I can assure you if you work on the above-mentioned points your delivery will be 30% percent faster.

It's very common for the startups and the new businesses to realize this after they place the order or at the time of ordering. You don't want to end up in the situation where you've just opened your business, and you're live on the food delivery platforms but don't have the packaging items for the delivery.