Burgers, one of the most popular urban snacks. Did you know that when it comes to delivering or carrying this snack, the packaging makes all the difference between a tasty crunch and a soggy pile of bread and cutlet? Find your best fit for burger packaging with us right here!

Feb. 1, 2018

Packing a Burger? It Needs to be Perfect!

Updated On: Dec. 6, 2019

Burgers, albeit simple, are trendy due to their size and ease of consumption. All you need to do is pick it up and eat! However, this poses a question for the vendors – what is the best way to pack and deliver this excellent snack? Popularity leads to excessive orders, and hence, we need to find a balance between safety and expense, making burger packing a very complicated task.
I have prepared a list of five ways of packing Burgers. Each of these combinations is eco-friendly and easily disposable. Take a look to see which one suits you the best!


1. Burger Box + Paper Bag: at an affordable price of INR 5.50. The combo packing ensures that the burger stays safe and in shape, as the cardboard burger box protects it from unnecessary squishes, and the paper bag provides ease of carriage.
Elegant and efficient, this is a solution many prefer, especially when it comes to packaging for home delivery.
Since its only the paper box and the paper bag, the paper bag should be made from the food-grade paper or laminated from inside. The food-grade box will be slightly expensive. But adding lamination to the paper box is within our budget.

2. Butter Paper + Paper bag with Handle: at INR 6.00 per combo, the burger packaging provides additional handles to the outer paper bag, making it easier to carry.
Mainly aimed at the packaging for take-away items, this combo also comes with butter paper for wrapping the burger, making sure the burger stays clean and neat.
The standard size butter paper will be used to wrap both burgers & sandwiches. Since the butter paper is food-grade, we can use any cheap Logo printed paper bag.

3. Burger box with Handle: at INR 6.50, this deal is essentially a combination of the earlier two, offering safe transport of the burger along with the ease of holding using a handle.
The paper box with the Handle Guaranteeing both comfort and sturdiness and can be used for both delivery and take-away.
The paper box is laminated from inside to make the box food grade. The same paper box is manufactured with the virgin food grade paper, which is slightly expensive.

4. Butter Paper + Paper box + Paper bag with Handle: at INR 8.50. The combo includes butter paper to wrap the burger and keep it clean, a paper box to keep the burger safe from shoves and squishes and a paper bag for ease of carriage.
The packaging is perfect for a burger and can be used for both delivery and take-away. The butter paper provides a clean way for customers to hold the burger, making it easy for consumption too.
To keep the packaging cost within INR 8.50, we can use the recycled paper for the box which isn't food grade. Since we are using the butter paper to wrap the burger, we don't need the expensive food-grade box.

5. Burger box + French Fries pouch + Paper bag with Handle:
At INR 9.30, the combo is the perfect meal package. With a burger packaging box to store the burger, a pouch to store its famous accompaniment, some crispy French Fries, and a paper bag to hold it all together.
As most of the burger & fries meal cost more than INR 150, the packaging is Budget-Friendly and efficient and is a perfect solution for both delivery and take-away.


By now, I hope you a fair idea about the different ways of Burger Packaging available in the market. All the ideas mentioned above are readily available in the market.
For the customization, I'd suggest going with the online Packaging suppliers. The company gives you a wide range of products and combos to choose from.
You can choose from the range of paper box design themes the company provides to its customer. Choose one and relax.