As the competition increases, the packaging becomes very important infact as important as the taste of food. A well-packed meal and ease of consuming the meal majorly depend on its packaging.

April 29, 2019

Budget-Friendly Packaging Ideas for Restaurant

Updated On: Aug. 8, 2019

Imagine there are two restaurants and both serve the same cuisine and have the same taste. Restaurant packs its meal in pouches while restaurant B delivers its meals in the meal tray along with the cutlery. Its obvious office people will order from restaurant B because its easy to consume meal from the meal tray than pouches as you'll require plates and bowls separately.

Its essential for the restaurant to be creative, budget-friendly and plan to package correctly. To show this, I have prepared a dummy menu which has some starters, main course, and few hot and cold beverages.

To pack the menu items mentioned in the image above you'll need in total five packaging items.



1. Areca Bowl with Lid - The areca bowl is the perfect choice for packing semi-dry starters. If your starters menu has curries, then you can go with the round paper container with the paper lid.

Approx Cost: INR 6.5, Minimum Order Quantity: 1000 pieces, Minimum Order Costing: INR 6,500

2. Meal Tray - The meal tray is the perfect choice to pack Thalis and Combos. Most meal trays seal each item separately in its compartment and are very much spill-proof.

Approx Cost: INR 12, Minimum Order Quantity: 1000 pieces, Minimum Order Costing: INR 12,500

3. Aluminium Spout Pouch - The spout pouch is the perfect choice to pack and deliver hot & cold beverages. The cap is sealable making the pouch tamper-proof. The pouch can keep the hot beverage war for about 20 minutes.

Approx Cost: INR 11, Minimum Order Quantity: 1000 pieces, Minimum Order Costing: INR 11,000



4. Paper Bag - Pack the food item in the container or meal trays and put them inside the branded paper bag. Since the bag has branded, you don't have to brand over other packaging items.

Approx Cost: INR 3, Minimum Order Quantity: 5000 pieces, Minimum Order Costing: INR 15,000

5. Cutlery - The disposable cutlery such as spoon, fork, knife and spork to be served along with the order. The spork is the excellent choice to save on the disposable cutlery as you don't have to buy a spoon & fork separately.

Approx Cost: INR 0.80, Minimum Order Quantity: 1000 pieces, Minimum Order Costing: INR 800

6. Tissue Paper - Its pretty common to pack a tissue paper along with the meal. There are two categories of tissue paper in the marker, Virgin Soft Tissue Paper & Recycled Tissue Paper. Its advisable to use virgin soft tissue paper.

Approx Cost: INR 19, Minimum Order Quantity: 300 packs, Minimum Order Costing: INR 5700

The total packaging cost for the restaurant will be around INR INR 51,500 which will cover packaging for most of the food items in your menu at a reasonable price.