Have some great Biryani to sell, but don’t know how to pack it? Or looking for the cheap or biodegradable packaging options for the Biryani. Leave that to us! Let's discuss various packaging solutions, all aimed at keeping your Biryani as fresh and tasty as ever.

Feb. 14, 2018

Is Your Packaging Right for Your Biryani?

Updated On: Dec. 6, 2019

Is your packaging right for your Biryani?

Biryani, a beloved mixture of aromatic rice, exotic spices, and tender toppings, is an affordable delicacy in India. As a result, Biryani is a popular choice for both dine-in and takeaway. There are many restaurants across India dedicated to making the perfect Biryani.

The perfect Biryani needs the perfect packaging, which keeps the Biryani fresh until it reaches the customer. Imagine spending so much time preparing the Biryani and not having the right packaging for it. You don't want that, right!

I am going to talk about few Biryani Packaging options which I feel is the perfect choice to pack and deliver your food item to the customer.

Biryani Packaging – What are the options?

Different situations require different packaging: the amount of food, time taken to deliver, whether it is dine-in or takeaway, all these situations need packaging fitting their needs. With our wide range of packaging options, we are sure you'll find something suited to your needs.


Meal Trays – The meal trays are the most comfortable way of handling Biryani – they are lightweight, sturdy, and have various compartments, suitable for storing chutneys and raitas without them getting mixed up. They also come with lids, which help in takeaway situations. However, meal packaging trays are usually meant for dine-ins or short distance takeaways.

Areca Container + 2 chutney boxes – At around 10.50 Rupees, this is a slight variation and improvement on the earlier solution, as Areca boxes are sturdier, and can store food for longer without getting soggy. They are also natural insulators and can keep the Biryani warm for longer.

Paper Container + 2 chutney boxes - The round paper container is pretty standard these days to pack Biryani, gravy items, and starters. The paper container comes with the paper lid and doesn't get soggy pretty soon. Simply add the Biryani in the container close it with the paper lid and tape it. Put the container inside the paper and throw a tissue, cutlery pouch, and you're good to go.

Biryani Bowl + 2 chutney boxes – At 12.00 Rupees, this is the recommended solution for delivery situations. The Biryani Bowl is a sturdy thick bowl with an airtight lid, making sure that the Biryani stays fresh and hot. Being designed primarily for storing Biryani, these bowls are also better at preserving the aroma and taste of the food, along with looking good, making them one of the best solutions for delivery situations.

Biryani Box + 2 chutney boxes – The regular paper boxes can be used as the secondary packaging for the Biryani. The Biryani is to be packed inside the food grade pouch and then keep the bag inside the paper box along with raita, and it's gravy.

Foil Container + 2 chutney boxes – At 6.50 Rupees, the foil boxes, although less sturdy than most, can keep the Biryani hot. However, the boxes do not have any sturdy elaborate lids either, making it an inferior solution for delivery. However, they can be used very conveniently for takeaways and dine-ins, making it a very viable short term solution.

Metalized Paper Pouch - The metalized paper pouch has the aluminum lining inside which keeps the food item warm for a more extended period. Fill the paper pouch with the Biryani and seal the pouch with the regular sealing machine. Do note the metalized pouches are different from the silver foil pouch. The metalized pouch is much better and food grade as compared to the silver foil pouches.

What are the Eco-Friendly Options available to pack Biryani?

The containers made from the Areca and Bagasse are entirely biodegradable. The container comes with the lid, and the container is food grade. The Areca and Bagasse containers aren't leak proof as the lid doesn't fit the container very well but works perfectly for semi-dry and dry food items such as Biryani.

The Areca bowl is made from the arecanut tree leaves, and the bagasse products are made from sugarcane waste. Both areca and bagasse are 100% biodegradable.

Biryani Clay Pot

Another addition to the Biryani packaging is the Clay Pot. The clay pots are being used to serve and cook Biryani for quite some time. I didn't mention the clay pot in the list above as the clay pots aren't available readily and are slightly expensive. Though, I consider the clay pots to be the best Biryani container as they keep the aroma & taste of the Biryani intact.
The pot biryani is very famous in India as it mixes the distinct earthy flavour to the Biryani. The spices of the Biryani seeps inside the pores of the biryani pot which gives the pleasant aroma and taste to the Biryani.
The Biryani Pots or Matka's are manufactured at Rajasthan. The minimum order quantity for the clay matka starts from 2,000 pieces and ranges between INR 45 and INR 55 per piece depending on the size.
Its essential before ordering to know where the pot is coming from. The quality of soil is important. The clay soil present in UP, Rajasthan, Kolkata has a low level of lead and cadmium.

Where can we Buy the Food Packaging Boxes and Containers?

The paper boxes, foil containers are readily available with the offline vendors easily while you might have to roam around for the Areca Bowls, metalized pouches, and paper containers.

Or, you can buy all the packaging items mentioned above online here. The online option is more comfortable as you don't have to roam around for each item here and there and you get a wide range of disposables to choose from. The online prices are competitive and saves time.

With all these solutions, we hope you pick the right one and keep your Biryani fresh and tasty.