Ever heard the quote "You eat with your eyes"? The glass jars & bottles showcase your product completely. What if we tell you the viewing experience is affected by the quality of the glass.

Oct. 9, 2020

Glass Containers. Why cheapest might not be the best?

Updated On: Oct. 19, 2020

We've all seen the glass jars used for packing jams, honey, soft drinks, medicines for ages. With the increase in online orders, the glass packaging has seen a significant upward trend. Whether it's the jam in the glass jar or tomato sauce in the glass bottle, the glass packaging is the reliable packaging solution. 

Recently we've started packing and delivering desserts, nuts, nut-mix in glass jars, and fresh juices are packed in the glass bottles. The glass bottles & jars are one of the safest packaging solutions out there in the market.

Ever heard the quote "You eat with your eyes"? As we all know, the glass is transparent. The glass jars & bottles showcase your product completely. Your customer will notice every layer of cake packed inside the jar. What if we tell you the viewing experience is affected by the quality of the glass. 

While manufacturing tiny bubbles in the glass may appear on the finish, sidewall, or base. The manufacturing process has to be corrected and modified to fix the issue. The air bubbles and the colouration in the glass affect the transparency in the glass containers. 

There are three varieties of glass products available in the packaging market you should know. 


Lowest Grade. It's the cheapest glass jars currently available in the market. It's relatively easy to identify these glass disposables. Bring the disposable glass jar or the bottle closer to the eyes and see if you can find tiny bubbles. Another attribute is the green or blue tint in the glass. The glass might look slightly coloured at certain angles and sides. Soft-drinks bottles are common examples.

Medium Grade. It's the budget-friendly glass packaging. The glass is completely transparent and doesn't have any shade, but you may notice a few bubbles in the glass if you look closely. It's one of the standard quality of jars and bottles used by cloud-kitchen, bakeries.


High Grade. It's the premium glass packaging the companies like Hindustan glass, Piramal Glass manufactures. The glass is 100% transparent without any bubbles or colour tint in the glass. These high-quality jars and bottles are used to pack Wines, jam, ketchup.

Make note I name these varieties for identification purposes based on the quality of the glass. These glass jars are commonly available in the market, and the vendors won't give you this information separately while ordering. 

Usually, the bigger companies like Hindustan glass discards the glass containers with bubbles, but the smaller companies supply these containers in the market slightly cheaper if compared with the regular glass containers without any defects.

It's not always wise to go for the cheapest glass jars or bottles. In general, the customer calls the glass vendors and asks for the lowest price. To process the order, a few vendors provide cheaper rates and supply the medium or the lowest grade glass containers. It's slightly difficult to spot the difference between the high and the medium grade glass containers, but the lowest grade glass containers are easy to identify.

I've checked with a few vendors around me and found the air bubbles and glass colouration only affect the transparency and the strength of the glass. If you're using the glass jars to pack and deliver cakes and nuts to your customers, then there's no harm in going for the lowest grade glass jars knowing you're slightly sacrificing the viewing experience of the disposable jars.

Now you know the types of glass containers available in the market. In my suggestion, if you want to pack and deliver desserts, nuts then, you can go for the medium grade glass jars since the bubbles in the disposable jar are not instantly noticeable. If you're packing something for retail like jams, honey then go for the highest grade glass containers.

I don't suggest going for the lowest grade glass bottles & jars since one of the reasons you're investing heavily in the glass packaging is it's viewing experience. What's the point if the disposable jar can't showcase your product well to your customers.