With delivery becoming an everyday necessity for any business, coupled with the need for the perfect pack, the cost of packaging for delivery can become a cumbersome burden unless we come up with efficient solutions. Worry not, because we have some fantastic ideas for you! Check out our suggestions for suitable delivery packaging.

March 13, 2018

Packaging for Delivery

Updated On: Nov. 29, 2019

In this age of divided labour, delivery plays an extremely important role, and the products which are delivered need to be handled with utmost care. However, as these deliveries are very frequent, the cost of packaging for delivery can become a very heavy burden unless we come up with efficient packaging solutions. Worry not, cause Pirsq has some amazing packaging ideas for you!


For items which are to be delivered in the city premises itself, like clothes and accessories, pouches can be used for packing. It keeps them clean, saves space, and is also economic. If these items are to be delivered to other cities, these pouches can then be packed into carton boxes, making it safe to carry for longer distances.

If the item to be delivered is bigger, such as furniture, but has smaller parts which need to packed, these small parts can be wrapped with corrugated paper sheets and then packed into carton boxes. This helps keep each individual part clean and safe, and avoids damage as there is no contact between the parts.


While delivering electronic goods, there are numerous little parts to the product which need to be delivered. We need to ensure that these parts do not touch each other, remain dry and safe, and do not move around much. In such cases, wrapping them with cling wrap helps, as the tight plastic wrap guarantees resistance to water, acts as a shell to each item, and makes sure that these delicate items remain free from damage. These individually wrapped items can then be packed into carton boxes for delivery.